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Finance and operational management system, that can be use by government, trash recycling banks and waste collectors.


Clear and up-to-date financial reports, help improve staff performance, time and cost efficiencies, better customer service and aquisition, overall increased revenue.


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Customer Data

Customer database keeps vital information about the customer and help the government, trash recycling banks and waste collectors determine how to improve their business and better meet the needs of their customers.

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Financial Reports

Reports on a company's income, expenses, and profits over a period of time. A profit and loss statement provides information on the waste business.

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Collection Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracker fits into the vehicle and captures the GPS location information. The information can include the vehicle's data such as fuel amount & vehicle's maintenance for time and cost efficiency.

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Operational Expenses

The selling and general and administrative expenses incurred by a business.

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Electronic Invoicing & Payments

By using electronic invoicing software, you can move completely away from PDF and paper invoices and add value to your customers electronic invoice processing.

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