the solution

Gringgo develops trash-tech solutions in parts of the world where waste management is still inadequate & basic information on how to manage your waste & how to recycle is often difficult to do.

Gringgo initially started as CashForTrash in late 2014. Founded by team gathered during Startup Weekend Bali 2014, it was initially setting up a platform for recycling and launched a prototype mobile app to make recycling easy and rewarding.


Gringgo creates innovative tools for the waste sector to help improve their efficiency and make more money for them self.


We also work with local collectors, village organizations, small independent collectors & scavengers to help facilitate the adoption of useful ICT solutions to improve their work.

the system

Gringgo provide the platform for on-demand waste collection service and recycling to make it easy and rewarding.


Gringgo is a mobile application for people in parts of the world where waste infrastructure is seriously deficient, resulting in burning rubbish, illegal dumps, river & ocean pollution.

Gringgo currently provides clear information on all the things you can recycle.

The app provides up to date info on how much those items are worth & then connects you to recycling traders who can buy your "trash". The objective is to create a practical ways anyone can adopt that help clean up their environment & reward them.