Plastic Reborn 2.0 Tech for better collaboration

Coca-cola Foundation Indonesia, together with Ancora Foundation create collaboration program to encourage the building of a circular economy ecosystem.

The ‘Plastic Reborn’ program is part of Coca-Cola’s implementation of its "World Without Waste" vision in Indonesia and seeks to transform the behavior of Indonesia's young generation in managing plastic waste, post-consumption plastic packaging in particular. In 'Plastic Reborn 2.0', the younger generation is encouraged to collaborate to find new and exciting solutions for collecting and managing post-consumption plastic packaging waste through the use of technology.

During this project Gringgo focusing on creating collaboration with Cleanup Indonesia. Gringgo team is developing integrated information system management in the form of web apps, customize to specific tasking for CleanUp’s operational workflow, and modify the operational workflow system to be more effective. The CleanUp team will use the app for data collection.

The focus is to improve on the ground operation for the collection service by way of digitalization, helping the team to increase the amount of waste collected and increase recycling rate.

Project status : Completed (2019 - 2020)

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Beneficiaries 35


Project time 9


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