We believe data collection is important. The ability to gather data easily and the ability to analyze the data properly is the key to achieve better judgement of the existing situation. With G-Collect, we digitize data collection activity and help users analyzing their data so they can focus on what's matter. Please contact us to explore more.

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Tracking & monitoring your activity is essential to create maximum impact on the community. This is why we develop Envi, we believe creating transparency and the ability to overview your on the ground activity anytime, anywhere is one of the key to bring maximum impact from your company. Our platform is highly customizable to your needs, please contact us to discuss further.

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SWAi (Solving Waste with Ai)

We develop Ai model to help improve waste separation and identification. We engage our users in gamification process through mobile application to involve them in the process while giving users basic education about waste diversification. It is available for download in google play (only available in Indonesia).